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Dealing with multiple AWS accounts with one Keycloak client for Single-Sign On

This article assumes that the user backend for Keycloak is FreeIPA. Regardless of that the instructions will apply to any other setup with minor modifications. Here we use two different AWS accounts renamed to 123412341234 and 567856785678 to protect the personal information of the innocent. The Keycloak staging cluster on which this integration was done […]

Authenticating and authorizing Grafana users from FreeIPA groups via Keycloak identity and access management solution

Grafana is a common tool to visualize data from multiple datasources. Perhaps the most common datasource is Prometheus. If an organization has a Single-Sign On solution, it makes sense to authenticate users centrally with that solution That will make authentication easier and friendlier for end users (authenticate once and then access multiple services), and also […]

Making sense of JBOSS/Wildfly interfaces in domain mode

In this blog we consider JBoss/Wildfly domain mode in the context of the wonderful Keycloak software. It is not necessarily trivial to understand how the interfaces  should be configured, especially if you want to do something other than the defaults, for example to secure your Wildfly/JBOSS configuration, or if you are dealing with a more […]