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High-level and low-level tasks in Kanban

We use Kanban to coordinate our projects and tasks. Kanban is focused on visualizing and improving throughput, that is, making projects (high-level) and tasks (low-level) go through the system as fast as by limiting work in progress, which in turn minimizes waste (time and money). Our field of work is IT operations and we're generally […]

Fattening the workflow, part 5: Hiera and content encryption

Separating data from code in Puppet modules is advisable as it improves reusability of code. The separation can be accomplished with Hiera by having separate levels based on facts, organizational units, locations, etc. Hiera can also be used for storing private data that needs to be protected and must not be readable by outsiders. Typically […]

Fattening the workflow, part 3: GitLab and similar

In the previous posts of this series I discussed the control repository and r10k. The last component in fattening the workflow is Git provider such as GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket. Nowadays all of them are reasonable choices for storing private Git modules, which Puppet control repositories and site-specific modules tend to be. One of the […]

Fattening the workflow, part 2: r10k

In the previous post I discussed the control repository structure. In this post I'll talk about r10k. That tool is used for deploying control repository branches into matching Puppet environments on the Puppet server. Installing r10k is very straightforward with the bundled gem: After this you'll need a settings file for r10k, /etc/puppetlabs/r10k/r10k.yaml: Several requirements […]

Fattening the Puppet workflow, part 1: The control repository

If editing Puppet code and Hiera directly with puppetmaster feels too easy, you can complicate the Puppet workflow as much you like by adding more components to the palette. Adding the so called control repository and r10k to Puppet environment maintenance instantly adds several phases to your initially simple workflow. There are also benefits that […]