Puppeteers help organizations transition to high-quality, managed infrastructure

Don't be like the Panic Man!


We believe that the only way to manage IT infrastructure successfully is to use infrastructure as code and automation. Otherwise it is difficult to keep track of the state of infrastructure, keep documentation up-to-date, manage changes and enforce policies. Outages and badly working systems create waste: lost work hours, frustration and customer dissatisfaction.

Break down silos

Our infrastructure as code approach enables us to work together  efficiently using best practices from software development. With Terraform we join on-premise infrastructure, Clouds and SaaS services together into a coherent, manageable whole. With Keycloak we do the same for authentication and authorization using SAML and OIDC-based web single sign-on.
Linux and Windows

Our extensive experience with Linux and Windows automation and integration will help people on both sides of the fence. Need to marry one with the other? No problem!
Baremetal and Cloud

We can and do manage everything from  baremetal servers to serverless workloads in the  Cloud. Unlike many, we're truly Cloud agnostic and in many cases prefer the smaller Clouds.
Servers and containers

We use virtual servers a lot as they're affordable and easily manageable with IaC. When we need services to scale up and down dynamically we use containers.
Identity and access management
Modern ICT environments are more fragmented than ever. We use Keycloak to centralize authentication and authorization for on-premise, Cloud and SaaS services

The Puppeteers Way

Our philosophy is Lean, our culture is DevOps. We enjoy working with Terraform, Puppet, Puppet Bolt, Foreman, FreeIPA, Keycloak and Kanban. We believe that only Infrastructure as Code enables you to bring quality to IT infrastructure and processes.
We've worked in ICT since the 1990's but that doesn't mean that were outdated dinosaurs, nor have we gone extinct. On the contrary, we have continuously evolved by selectively picking up best practices and tools from the market. We've seen it all and made all the mistakes so that you don't have to.
Worry no more! 
We can help you!
We want to partner with interesting organizations and help them achieve their goals using the best workflows, tools and technologies available.

We believe in sharing and almost all the code we write is open source. You can find our code in GitHub (Puppet-Finland project) which as of November 2020 hosts over 275 repositories, many of which are Puppet modules and have been published in Puppet Forge. We also actively participate in other open source projects with code and documentation contributions.