What we do

IT architecture and assessment services

Integration services

  • Integrating Linux systems to Active Directory (AD) (directly or via FreeIPA)
  • Web SSO for premise and SaaS services with Keycloak integrated to Active Directory, FreeIPA or LDAP
  • Integrating fragmented Cloud resources and SaaS services with Terraform

Migration services

Linux support and training

  • Linux support and training for Windows shops
  • Windows support and training for Linux shops

Hardware management

  • Network device management with Terraform and Ansible
  • Automating provisioning of baremetal systems with Foreman

Image management

  • Creation and maintenance of Cloud images for AWS and Azure with Packer and Puppet
  • Creation and maintenance of Windows and Linux golden images with FOG and Puppet

Configuration management

  • Puppet training
  • Terraform training
  • Managing large fleets of Windows with Puppet, Powershell DSC and Chocolatey, complementing Active Directory
  • Managing large feelts of Linux desktop and server systems with Puppet

Development services

  • Development of custom Puppet types and providers
  • Development of custom monitoring plugins

The easiest way to use our services is to purchase one of our ready-made products