Product launch: 'Puppeteers Cloud Modeling'

April 13, 2021 

Puppeteers has launched a new service product which allows you to gain control of your Cloud resources by having them imported to Terraform. This allows you to manage changes to your Cloud and radically reduces the need for the pesky "who changes this and why?", "who set this up and is it still needed?" and "what does it do?" discussions. As a bonus you get much better visibility into your cloud.

With 'Puppeteers Cloud Modeling' we import your Cloud resources into Terraform in 7 working days, with only 1 hour of your time. After that you can develop the Terraform code yourself or with help from us.

How does it work?

The service package includes import of 50 Cloud resources into Terraform. We only need you to allow us read-only access to your Cloud and specify which resources and regions you want to be imported. You can (and should) enforce us to use 2FA - that can be done easily with the documentation we provide. We'll deliver a Terraform code for these resources within a week. All this only takes 1 hour of your time.

The service product is readily available for AWS and soon for Azure as well. We can adapt the service for other public Clouds as well as per request.

Have a look at the product page for more information! We're also happy to answer your questions.

Samuli Seppänen
Henna Nykänen
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