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Standardization and automation from development to production

Agile software companies are often filled with boundless enthusiasm to squeeze their applications out of the door as fast as possible. New challenges arise when the software needs to be moved from development to production.
As a software developer you’d probably prefer to have all these challenges dissolve and focus on your core competence – developing great software for your customers.
How to notice if the application is down?
Where and how to deploy the application cost-efficiently?
How to manage backups and disaster recovery?
What about CI/CD and blue/green deployments?
How to do security patching and updates?
Let our experts do the dirty work so you can concentrate on your core competence!

How can we help?

We have long term partnerships with several software companies. Some develop purpose-built software for individual clients while others develop elaborate, complex SaaS solutions. The most common services we provide are:

Outsource responsibility

We manage your application's production deployments for you or your customer

Architecture design

We help you design the production-ready architecture for your complex web applications

CI/CD pipeline deployment

Automation and integration testing from development to production

Our clients

Many software companies already partner with us for a reliable, standardized and automated IT infrastructure. Have a look at solutions we've provided our clients with.

Containerized Buildbot CI/CD system

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SaaS Cloud backend automation

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"The first project we did with Puppeteers was automating the setup of our virtual machine-based Pimcore installations. Later Puppeteers helped us by creating production-ready, containerized Pimcore setup that was integrated GitHub Actions CI/CD and GitHub repos. The goal was to be able to test changes in a production-like environment before moving them to production - a task which in the case of Pimcore was not trivial at all. Looking forward to working with Puppeteers in future projets as well!"
Vesa-Matti Vartiainen
VaHa Digital Oy, Finland

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