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Customer references

  • Case: IT start up

    Our customer was growing and manual way of maintaining their growing install base was taking too much time and producing too many issues. We resolved this problem by separating production, staging and develoment Cloud infrastructures using Terraform and Puppet. They can now focus on their primary business, which is software development.
  • Case: Windows software robot automation project

    Our customer needed a way to keep their Windows software robot instances consistent. They started an automation project based on Puppet and Powershell DSC. We helped them to get up to speed by providing best practices, training and by helping develop the actual automation code.
  • Case: Linux HPC cluster automation

    Our customer struggled in provisioning and maintaining their Linux HPC cluster manually. We stepped in and deployed Server Lifecycle Management with Foreman and Identity Management with FreeIPA. New nodes can now be provisioned quickly and easily at any time. Users can login to the cluster nodes using their Active Directory credentials. Changes can be made to all the nodes safely and effectively.