The open source automation company that helps you pull the strings

We help organizations work less to achieve more with automation. Our foundations are built from open source, Infrastructure as Code and GitOps. On top of these foundations we build not only automation, but also standardization and robust change management though automated testing and peer review.

We automate anything

Linux and Windows

Baremetal and Cloud

Servers and Containers

Identity and Access Management

Our small team consists of individuals with diverse, unique backgrounds and a passion for computers since our childhood. We’ve learned things in IT the hard way and want to use that experience in your benefit. That’s where our first slogan come from: ”We want to make it a little bit easier for DevOps and SysAdmins.” Even now as Red Hat certified IT specialists, we’re humble and we don’t want to be cheeky besser-wissers. We believe in openness, creativity and team-work.
Petri Lammi

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Ricky Cousins
DevOps Engineer

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Henna Nykänen
Business Manager

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