FAQ - Cloud Migration Assessment

What is it?

Cloud Migration Assessment is an ICT infrastructure assessment that provides you with a pragmatic roadmap for your Cloud migration. It's the first step of modernizing the infrastructure. It is Cloud agnostic - we have no vested interest in any particular Cloud provider and are free to suggest a solution that is most suitable for you.

Cloud migration is an important, but definitely not only, part of any infrastructure modernization effort. In fact, we pay great emphasis to IaC ("Infrastructure as Code") and building a DevOps culture in any modernization effort, as those are the key to long-term success when your operations team grows.

The process involved is as follows:

  1. We organize a semi-structured interview with you to understand your infrastructure and your unique challenges and goals.
  2. We start creating your Cloud migration roadmap. To produce best quality possible we will use instant messaging of your choice (e.g. Teams or Slack) to ask for clarifications when needed.

We promise to send you the roadmap in one week, counting from the date of the interview.

Once you have the roadmap you can use it as you wish. If you want, we will provide assistance with implementing the steps we outlined. We will recommend certain tools and workflows, but provide alternatives as well.

We give a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy, no questions asked. You can still keep the roadmap and use it as you wish.

What is included in the delivery?

Delivery includes your Cloud migration roadmap in PDF format. It consists of:

  • Overview of your unique goals and challenges
  • Description and diagrams of the current state of your infrastructure
  • Description and diagrams of the desired state of your infrastructure
  • List of recommended high-level steps to reach the desired state

Multiple Cloud migration options may be included at our discretion. The desired state described in the roadmap will be targeted to the near future (<6 months).

We will gladly help you with your Cloud migration, but doing that is outside of the scope of this product.

What is excluded from the delivery?

Doing the actual Cloud migration is excluded from the delivery. If you wish, we can help you with your migration as a separate project.

What Clouds is this product for?

This product is Cloud-agnostic. We're not going to force you to migrate to AWS, Azure or GCP. In fact, we're not going to force you to move to any Cloud, if on-premise makes more sense, as is the case with certain heavy and legacy workloads.

Why this service?

Our discussions with customers and leads have proven the need for pragmatic Cloud migration advise.  It is tempting to "modernize in one sweep", but that strategy is unlikely to succeed.

To give one example: an organization that had only on-premise Windows-based workloads, no DevOps experience and one overworked IT guy was planning to migrate everything they had to Azure Kubernetes Service. Without DevOps tool knowledge, skills and culture that plan was doomed to failed. After we talked to them they fortunately changed their strategy.

It is best to take small incremental steps which give immediate return on investment and help your team grow to meet the more tricky challenges that are waiting around the corner.

How do I order?

Have a look at the order process

I have questions and/or want to talk to you

Please send us a message using our contact form or schedule a meeting.

Can I trust you?

You don't really have to, because:

  • We are bound by our one-sided NDA when you order this assessment. That prevents us from disclosing any information about your infrastructure to external parties.
  • You can lose only about two hours of your working time (meeting and follow-up discussions)
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked. If you're not happy with the results, we won't send you an invoice.
  • We don't need access to any sensitive information, unless you wish to present it to us
  • We gain nothing by misusing your trust