Configuration Manager Image release notes

Version 3.1.0-1-8 (28th Sep 2021)

Upgrade Ubuntu 20.04 to latest upstream packages.

Version 3.1.0-1-4 (12th April 2021)

Upgrade to Puppetserver 7 and Ubuntu 20.04. Make available for free. In Azure this version is referred to as 3.1.0.

Version 2.0.6-1-6 (18th Aug 2020)

Prevent apt-daily-upgrade.timer from running on boot. This reduces the likelihood of nasty-looking installer failures if apt/dpkg is still locked when the installer runs.

Version 2.0.6-1-4 (19th Apr 2020)

First version based on Puppet 6. This version includes some new features such as being able to deploy r10k keys automatically at install-time. It also has lots of reliability and usability improvements, including much improved validation of installer parameters when running in interactive mode.

Version 1.4.3-1-1 (9th Oct 2018)

Initial release on AWS Marketplace. Currently Ubuntu 18.04 is supported for Puppetserver, Puppetserver with PuppetDB and Puppetserver with Puppetboard scenarios.