Configuration Manager testing instructions

To test the Configuration Manager:

  • Login to the instance with SSH (AWS: "ubuntu", Azure: "azureuser").
  • Follow the instructions given in motd when you login.
  • Once the installer has launched, select one of the scenarios in the menu
  • Once in the scenario menu save and run the installer

If user does not provide passwords for PuppetDB and/or Puppetboard random ones will be created and displayed to the user at the end of the install.

The product has two services which are supposed to be exposed to RFC1918 private internets:

  • Puppetserver: listens on port 8140 for Puppet agent requests
  • Puppetboard: listens on HTTPS / port 443 for administrative logins

The latter is only enable in the "Puppetserver, PuppetDB and Puppetboard" scenario.

Testing puppetserver after the installer has finished is easy:

$ sudo -i
$ puppet agent -t

If this does not produce any errors then the Puppetserver and PuppetDB components are working correctly.

Puppetboard can be tested by connecting to the https://<instance-public-ip>/puppetboard with a web browser. You should get a login page and once you enter the credentials (admin + password the installer gave you) you should go into Puppetboard which shows information about the Puppet environment. There should be one node, which is the Puppetserver itself.