LibreNMS Image

The easiest way to get LibreNMS up and running in AWS or Azure
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LibreNMS Image by Puppeteers

The fastest and easiest way to get going with LibreNMS


LibreNMS Image is a cloud image that runs a preconfigured LibreNMS network monitoring system in AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace.


Setting up LibreNMS yourself is quite a challenge. It can take hours to do it - you can skip all that and use your time more wisely by choosing our preconfigured installation.


Get it in AWS or Azure
Pricing is based on usage

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Demonstration of LibreNMS product:

Benefits of our LibreNMS Image

fast and easy

Use your time for something more important.

assistance from us if needed

If you have any questions beforehand or during installation, just let us know!

zero risk

No up-front license fees or other costs, pay only for usage.