LibreNMS Image testing instructions

To test the LibreNMS Image:

  • Login to the instance's public IP with SSH as the admin user (AWS: "ubuntu", Azure: "azureuser")
  • Get the LibreNMS admin password with "cat /home/<admin-user>/librenms-passwords.txt"
  • Navigate to https://<public-ip> and ignore the self-signed certificate warning
  • Login as "admin" using the password obtained above
  • Ensure that the LibreNMS web interface works and can be navigated
    • You can add the instance itself to LibreNMS monitoring. Go to Devices, add new device with IP of "localhost" and disable the SNMP tab to create a new Ping-only host.
    • You can add arbitrary web pages to monitoring using the "Services" tab.

For testing purposes you need to have port TCP/443 open to the world in your security group.