Puppet Starter Package

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Puppet Starter Package


For Sysadmin and DevOps teams who need to improve their Puppet skills. 
Suitable for IT professionals who are just starting their Puppet journey as well as for those who already know similar systems like Terraform or Ansible.
Train several team members at the same time!


Book a free call to map your goals for Puppet, as well as the skillset of your operations team - decide then, if you want to order the course.


Tailored training sessions including IaC theory and hands-on practical experience: 10 x 2 h
Free usage of Puppetserver and agents using training
Solve practical challenges specific to your company already during the course

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Starting from scratch with Infrastructure as Code and Puppet can be a daunting task. This course allows you to get up to speed quickly with IaC and Puppet best practices - whether you're managing Linux, *NIX, MacOS or Windows.
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Ready for Puppeting your way to success?

learn puppet in 10 days

After the course you have a sufficient knowledge of Puppet for managing your company's infra.

tailored content for your needs

Solve practical challenges specific to your company during the course.


Cancel any time, pay only if you're satisfied.

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Puppet Starter Package €2,399

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