Case: Windows software robot automation project

Our customer needed a way to manage their Blue Prism-based Windows software robots at scale. They started an automation project based on Puppet and Powershell DSC. We helped them to get up to speed by providing best practices and training, and by helping to develop the actual automation code.

Main technologies

Powershell DSC


Best practices
Automation code

1 Starting point

The client had difficulties scaling up their operations. The reason was lack of automation: each software robot Windows instance was set up manually. This did not scale well: it was a nightmare when configuration changes had to be made to the whole Windows fleet. They had started looking into automation solutions, found Puppet and tried it out. They realized that they'd benefit greatly from hiring experts that can help them get started with best practices from the get go. That's how they found Puppeteers.

2 Project

After initial investigation into the client's challenges we started the automation project with them. First we set up a Puppet server for them and helped them automate their Windows software robots using Puppet and Powershell DSC. As the client's employees took part in the automation effort they gained valuable skills and best practices they needed in order to continue on their own.

3 End result

At the end of the project the basic configurations of their Windows Blue Prism software robot fleet had been automated. The client had the necessary automation infrastructure and skills to continue the work  on their own.
"Puppeteers helped us resolve our Red Hat Enterprise Linux issue. I'm looking forward to upgrading and improving our clients' production environments and our development setups with their help."
Aarre Pohjola
A&A Consulting Oy, Finland