Duplo series, part 2: Puppet agents at work

December 10, 2020 

Here's the next episode in our Duplo visualization series, have a look! This time we put Puppet agents to work.


Puppet agents will retrieve their desired state definition (catalog) from Puppet master for the Puppet environment they're in. Puppet agent reads the catalog:

Puppet agent compares the current state to the catalog and notices a difference! It needs to install a missing software package!

It installs the missing package:

The other agent does the same task: it goes to the Puppet master to retrieve its catalog:

It compares the current state to the catalog and notices that they match: no changes are required.

Both agents are constantly on duty and repeat the status check every 30 minutes.

Awaiting new orders from the Puppet master!


What on earth is Puppet? Read our article so you'll know that it is a serious matter and has nothing to do with toys and playing

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