Automation Adoption Journey

Now is the time to start building strategic IT automation
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Adopting automation tools is only the beginning

Jumpstart your automation initiative


Start with the proper platform, workflows and architecture from the get go
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Get tangible results fast

Automation as a side-project produces results very slowly
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Enable scaling your operations

Without automation it is very difficult to scale beyond a certain point
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Automation Adoption Journey

Service that moves you to the automation fast lane


We get you untangled while providing you with a solid foundation: an automation roadmap, platform and best practices


Navigating the rocks without years of experience in the field is tricky


We discover and automate the high-value automation targets, then work together with you to move your automation to the strategically meaningful level

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Ready for a succesful Automation Adoption Journey?

dedicate 2 hours of your time

The rest is up to us.

Platform and roadmap delivery in 1 week

Counting from the initial interview.


Pay only if you're satisfied with the roadmap and automation platform.

What next?

After we have automated the highest
value targets, we help you get started
with automations of your own

Jumpstart your automation initiatives

Automation Adoption Journey

Includes the automation roadmap and platform.
All other work is billed by the hour.
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