FAQ - Automation Adoption Journey

What is it?

Automation Adoption Journey is three things:

  • Automation platform
  • Automation roadmap
  • Automation service

The automation service is designed to automate away the high-value automation targets. The purpose is to allow you to  shift your focus from doing repetitive routine to improving your operations and IT infrastructure with automation.

The service works as follows:

  1. We organize a semi-structured interview with you to understand your infrastructure, operations and your unique challenges and goals.
  2. We create your Automation Adoption Journey roadmap. To produce best quality possible we will use instant messaging and email to ask for clarifications when needed.
  3. Optionally we help you get started on your automation journey by doing automations for you and helping you with the best practices.

We send you the roadmap and deploy the automation platform in one week, counting from the date of the initial interview.

We give a 100% money back guarantee for the automation platform and the roadmap. if you're not happy, no questions asked. You can still keep the platform and roadmap and use them  as you wish.

What is included in the delivery?

Delivery includes your Automation Adoption Journey roadmap in PDF format. It consists of:

  • Overview of your unique goals and challenges
  • Description and diagrams of the current state of your automation adoption
  • Description and diagrams of the desired state of your automation adoption
  • List of recommended high-level steps to reach the desired state

The automation platform consists of the following components:

  • Ansible AWX (free) or Ansible Automation Platform (subject to fees from Red Hat)
  • Template automation code repository integrated with AWS and AAP

Multiple Automation Adoption Journey routes may be included at our discretion. The desired state described in the roadmap will be targeted to the near future (<6 months).

Optional components of the service are billed by the hour:

  • Training and consultation on Ansible / AWX / Ansible Automation Platform
  • Training on Infrastructure as Code, GitOps and automation best practices
  • Ansible automation code development
  • Integration of Ansible / AWX / AAP with other automation tools such as Terraform
  • Other training and consultation services

What is excluded from the delivery?

No consulting and training services are not included in the fixed price project. You may optionally purchase them, but they are billed by the hour.

What use-cases does this service target?

This service product is built on top of open source Ansible and AWX. That makes it suitable for a large number of use-cases such as infrastructure automation, network automation and hybrid -and multi-Cloud automation. You can manage Linux and Windows systems, Cloud resources and many SaaS applications. You can do configuration management as well as orchestration and manage workflows and even event-driven automation.

Why this service?

Our discussions with customers and leads have proven the need for pragmatic automation advise. Typically automation initiatives are started too late, when the teams have already dug themselves into a hole they're unable to get out easily. This service provides the tools and automation development services to get you out of that pit, enabling you to then move forward with your automation jrouney at a much, much quicker pace.

How do I order?

Have a look at the order process

I have questions and/or want to talk to you

Please send us a message using our contact form or schedule a meeting.

Can I trust you?

You don't really have to, because:

  • We are bound by our one-sided NDA when you order this assessment. That prevents us from disclosing any information about your infrastructure to external parties.
  • You can lose only about two hours of your working time (meeting and follow-up discussions)
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked. If you're not happy with the results, we won't send you an invoice.
  • We don't need access to any sensitive information, unless you wish to present it to us
  • We gain nothing by misusing your trust