FAQ - DevOps Partner Service

What is it?

Puppeteers DevOps Partner Service is a DevOps outsourcing service that allows you to offload the development and maintenance of your production and development infrastructure and Clouds to professionals. You choose the direction to go, we take care of the implementation, monitoring, backups, disaster recovery and further development without babysitting.

The service starts with an interview, followed by writing of your roadmap within one week. In two weeks from the initial call we start the process of getting your current infrastructure under control.

What is included in the service?

The service consists of two components:

  1. Fixed number of DevOps working hours allocated for you
  2. Responding to incidents within the response time

See below for more details.

How many working hours are included?

The default package includes 20 hours of work per month. This is enough to keep your internal infrastructure running well. For software companies that build Cloud-based software solutions we recommend 40 hours of work per month.

What is your incident response time?

Our incident response time is one business day. If you need faster incident response time please contact us.

What are your service hours?

Service hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17.00 EET/EEST excluding Finnish public holidays. If you need extended service hours please contact us.

Why this service?

The DevOps skills are in high demand nowadays, yet many organizations would rather outsource their DevOps work rather than handle it themselves. While you can fairly easily hire DevOps from eastern European countries like Ukraine or Poland, you need to manage those hires yourself. If you don't have an operations team already, you should expect lots of management overhead, especially if you hire a junior guy. In other words, you're not getting a highly experienced partner, just workforce.

Our DevOps partner service provides you with your own DevOps team with the fraction of the cost of one junior DevOps. Our standardized approach to tools and workflows allows us to minimize redundancy. This allows us,  for example, to develop and manage the Cloud infrastructure of a growing software startup with dozens of distributed custom applications in less than 40 hours a month.

You decide on the direction to take, we take care of the rest. You do not need to babysit us, which keeps your time investment minimal, roughly two hours per month.

Who is this service for?

This service is best suited for organizations that

  • do not have an DevOps team yet and want to outsource their DevOps work
  • want to avoid the management overhead of remote DevOps hires
  • want to focus on what they do best, for example software development

What if we have sysadmins/devops/ops already

No problem. There are several options:

  1. We train and coach your sysadmins/ops to use DevOps tools and workflows, so that they can manage your infrastructure and Cloud yourself
  2. We take care of a subset of your infrastructure and your own team handles the rest
  3. We work alongside your own team to get things done

If you're unsure if our DevOps partner service suits you please contact us and ask.

Suppose I buy. What will happen then?

When we have decided to start co-operation this is what will happen:

  • We establish communication channels so that we can easily work with you. This usually consists of a shared chatroom (e.g. Signal, Slack, Teams) and often a regular meeting schedule.
  • We create a DevOps roadmap for you with help from you. This is done to understand where our effort should be directed first and what things can wait a bit more. The roadmap includes high-level documentation of your current infrastructure and workflows.
  • We develop infrastructure code that models the essential and quickly changing components and processes in your infrastructure. This modeling steps bring with it tons of benefits such as automation and getting changes under management.

The exact route we take from from this point onward will be determined by discussions we have with you.

How do I order?

Please send us a message using our contact form or schedule a meeting.

What if I'm not happy?

We want to do the best job we can. Therefore, if you're not happy, you can cancel the service during the first month and we won't charge you at all. You can still keep the  documents and infrastructure code we created for you.

I have questions and/or want to talk to you

Have a look at the order process

Can I trust you?

You don't really have to, because:

  • We are bound by our one-sided NDA when you order this service. That prevents us from disclosing any information about your infrastructure to external parties.
  • You can lose only a few hours of your working time (initial discussion and granting us access)
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee during the first month, no questions asked. If you're not happy, we won't invoice you.
  • We gain nothing by misusing your trust.