Linux AD Integration

Join Linux systems to your on-premise or Azure Active Directory
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Linux systems need not be special

Put your Linux systems under control

one set of credentials

No more managing of local Linux user accounts
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single sign-on

Login to one system, gain access to all
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authorization rules

Determine who can access what from within Active Directory
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Less stress, more sanity

Know better, operate better, sleep better
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Linux AD Integration by Puppeteers

Service that joins your Linux systems to on-premise or Azure Activate Directory within 1 week.


We use our automation code to join your Linux systems to Active Directory or Azure Active Directory


Integration without automation is error-prone and has a high maintenance fee


You provide SSH access to the Linux systems and we do the rest

See how it works
Kids assembling a server.

Ready to get a hold of your Linux?

dedicate 2 hours of your time

The rest is up to us.

delivery in 1 week

Counting from the moment you granted us access.

100 % satisfaction guarantee

Pay only when you're satisfied.

What next?

Once your Linux systems are integrated with AD/AAD
you can manage them yourself or with help from us.

For a small monthly fee we can monitor the
AD integration and report the  issues we detect.

Get your Linux systems joined to on-premise or Azure Active Directory with

Linux AD Integration by Puppeteers

Includes joining 50 Linux systems into Active Directory
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