Linux Applications for Windows Environment

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Keycloak, FOG, NetBox and other top Linux applications

Linux is not special, it is just different

Best of breed Linux software

Our curated set of software is particularly suited for Windows shops
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Experts on deck

We are Linux experts with a soft spot for Windows as well
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Infrastructure as code

Quality and stability without vendor lock-in
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System integration

We integrate the Linux applications to your environment.
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Linux Applications for Windows Environment by Puppeteers

Service for having any Linux application from our curated set deployed within 1 week.


We use automation tools to deploy the Linux application to your infrastructure. Optionally we can also  integrate the application with your other systems.


If Linux is not your specialty, it is hard to reap real benefits from Linux applications.


You provide SSH access to a suitable Linux system and we do the rest

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Ready to deploy your Linux app?

dedicate 2 hours of your time

The rest is up to us.

delivery in 1 week

After acceptance of the agreement, excluding any integrations.


Pay only when you're satisfied.

What next?

For a small monthly fee we can be on call and/or
handle the maintenance and security updates
for the application and its host Linux system.

Get started with the Linux application of your dreams with

Linux Applications for Windows Environment

Includes installation and basic configuration of a curated Linux application
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