FAQ - Puppeteers Cloud Modeling

What is it?

Puppeteers Cloud Modeling is a service that converts Cloud resources into Terraform code within 1 week/5 working days. We only need you to grant us a minimal read-only permission to your Cloud. After that you can manage your infrastructure with Terraform yourself, with help from us or with help from somebody else.

We give a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy, no questions asked. You can still keep the Terraform code and state file we sent you.

Why Terraform?

Terraform is the de facto standard for managing Cloud infrastructure as code. By using Terraform you gain visibility into and gain control over changes done to your Cloud.

Why this service?

Importing Cloud resources to Terraform is not trivial.  It's a procedure that only needs to be done once but it requires a certain amount of knowledge and quite a bit of time. We will do the importing for you - all we need is about an  hour of your time (to provide us minimal read-only rights to your Cloud).

How to grant access to your Cloud?

Our service requires you to delegate limited read-only access to your Cloud to us. In AWS you need to set up IAM role delegation. In Azure you need to create a guest user and assign a role to it. We will provide you with detailed documentation before the delivery process starts.

Is it secure?

Using this service doesn't compromise the security of your Cloud. You only need to grant us a minimal read-only permission to your Cloud which you can revoke once the delivery is done. No credentials or API keys are exchanged during the process. In AWS you can and should enforce us to use two-factor authentication when we are working with your Cloud.

Deliverables are sent to you in an GPG-encrypted email, in a Signal message, using OpenSSH secure copy (SCP) or with some other cryptographically secure means of transfer.

What Clouds is this product for?

Currently the product is only tested for AWS and Azure. If you're using something else send us a message with our contact form and we'll figure out the details.

What is included in the delivery?

Delivery includes:

  • Terraform code
  • Terraform state file

Delivery includes importing 50 AWS resources supported by Terraform AWS provider or Terraform Azure provider into Terraform code. This is enough to import a small infrastructure completely. Larger infrastructure can be imported by buying multiple packages. If you're unsure how many resources you have we can give you an estimate before we import anything. Then you can decide what to do.

Note that some resources like AWS API Gateways consist of a surprisingly large number of Terraform resources. On the other hand virtual machine instances may consume only one Terraform resource. Load balancers lie somewhere between these two extremes.

What is excluded from the delivery?

The following things are excluded from the delivery:

  • Resources that cannot be imported by the Terraform AWS provider
  • Refactoring the code (parametization, converting to modules, etc)

How do I order?

Have a look at the order process

I have questions and/or want to talk to you

Please send us a message using our contact form and we'll answer any questions you may have or schedule an online meeting.

Can I trust you?

You don't really have to, because:

  • You can lose only one hour of your work (emails, signing and technical preparation)
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked. If you're not happy with the results, we won't send you an invoice.
  • Because we only have read access to your Cloud we can't destroy anything there (accidentally or intentionally)
  • No sensitive information such as API keys need to be exchanged during the process
  • If there are certain aspects of your Cloud you don't want to expose you can limit our access accordingly
  • We gain nothing by misusing your trust