Duplo series, part 1: R10k at work

December 2, 2020 

We've been having DIY visualization sessions on Puppet and sysadmin related topics and we wanted to share some of them with you. We had a lot of fun doing this, hope you'll enjoy this even a bit as much as we did!

Let me introduce the characters involved in the first chapter:

R10k is started on Puppet master. It's going to get a branch ("production" or a feature branch) from the Git repository.

It chooses the right branch.

Git is helping out!

Deploying the branch as a Puppet environment - ooh, it's heavy...

Success! The Puppet environment has been deployed!


Have a look at the next part of the Duplo series where Puppet agents get to work!


What on earth is Puppet? Read our article so you'll know that it is a serious matter and has nothing to do with toys and playing

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