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Short introduction to Packer and Vagrant

This article is a short introduction to Packer and Vagrant - tools that we often recommend to our customers but which may be a bit hard to understand if you have no previous expose to them. Packer Packer is used to “create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration”. Packer works […]

Two-stage Qemu builds with Packer

In the Building Ubuntu 20.04 qemu images with Packer blog post we briefly touched on the topic of two-stage builds with Packer to save time when working on the provisioning scripts. In that article the setup was ad hoc and was based on having two separate Packerfiles (*.pkr.hcl). It is, however, possible to have a […]

Building Ubuntu 20.04 qemu images with Packer

Introduction We use Packer a lot, but I had not so far generated any Qemu images with it. This was a fun project because it allowed (or forced) me to learn autoinstall, Ubuntu's cloud-init style installation automation, which by the way easier to work with than Debian-style preseeds. For more information on preseeding for pre-20.04 […]

Debugging Packer provisioning

Packer is an excellent tool for automating creation of machine images such as AWS AMIs or Docker container images. This is particularly useful when you need to scale up by spinning up instances on-demand or if you want to package software that is challenging to manage with a configuration management system. It is also extremely […]