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To containerize in AWS or not: the cost perspective

I recently checked the pricing model for Amazon Fargate to see if migrating a fair number of EC2 instance-based workloads to containers would save money. In theory this should have been the case, as a container has less "fat" compared to a full virtual machine. In this case the workload itself was perfectly suited for […]

Explicit high-level dependencies in Puppet

I've noticed that some people - I won't reveal their names here to protect them - love using contain and/or ordering arrows in Puppet. A typical use-case is for role classes: class role::webserver { contain ::packetfilter::endpoint contain ::profile::monit contain ::profile::unixbase contain ::profile::ipa_client contain ::profile::webserver Class[::packetfilter::endpoint] -> Class[::profile::monit] -> Class[::profile::unixbase] -> Class[::profile::ipa_client] -> Class[::profile::webserver] } The […]