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Making Vagrant work on Fedora 34

We use Vagrant and Virtualbox a lot because it is an excellent tool for infrastructure code development. Unfortunately it is also very prone to breakage during operating system upgrades, especially if you depend on many plugins. When I upgraded from Fedora 32 to 34 Vagrant broken even more than usual due to conflicting rspec dependencies. […]

Microsoft Teams redirect loop mystery

Some of our customers use Microsoft's Office 365. Due to that they also use Microsoft Teams for collaboration. Recently, out of the blue, I ran into a "redirect loop mystery" in Teams. Basically I was able to login to our Teams (which we only use when recording video calls). But when I tried to switch […]

Terraform stalls when recreating security groups

Sometimes Terraform stalls when trying to remove AWS EC2 security groups and Terraform does no give any hint as to what is wrong. The problem is caused by that security group being attached to an EC2 instance or network interface. Interestingly Terraform messes up the order of the AWS API calls even when it (attempts […]

Making per-link DNS servers pushed from OpenVPN to systemd-resolved survive NetworkManager connection changes

Update: the problem described in this article seems to be resolved in Fedora 36 (NetworkManager 1.38.0-2.fc36). It is still present in Fedora 35 (NetworkManager 1.32.12-2.fc35). Update: there a companion article about solving this problem for Wireguard in here. In an the Manage Linux client DNS settings in OpenVPN and Wireguard article we described how to […]

Terraform 0.11->0.12 migration: stabs at the state file

We maintain a rather complex AWS environment built with Terraform that uses nested modules and lots of per-resource provider configurations. Recently the pain of staying with Terraform 0.11 became too much, so we had to start the migration to Terraform 0.12, with 0.13 going to follow soon after. In general the official upgrade instructions were […]

Puppet environment leakage

Occasionally when working with feature branch and updating types and providers you may run into environment leakage issues. They manifest themselves as issues that make no particular sense and are caused by the wrong version of a type/provider such as puppetlabs-apt (see this issue) leaking into your feature environment. This can happen when you update […]

Terraform S3 access denied problems

I've stumbled upon interesting access denied problems with S3-based Terraform state files recently. Suppose you have two or more Terraform root modules which use the same bucket for storing the state and just use a different key (=state file): terraform { backend "s3" { bucket = "terraform-state" key = "root-module-1" region = "eu-central-1" } } […]