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Software release: net-snmp-systemd-services-status

Puppeteers is proud to release the first version of net-snmp-systemd-services-status. It is a net-snmp pass_persist script written in Python that queries the status of all systemd services on a system, dynamically generating OIDs based on the systemd service names. This gives the services a predictable name. Querying all services on a typical Linux VM takes […]

Product news: 'Configuration Manager' now available for free

Our Puppet-server installer product is now available free of charge in AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace! 'Configuration Manager' is a cloud image with an easy-to-use Puppet server installer. It supports installation of PuppetDB and Puppetboard as well. The source code can be retrieved from GitHub. Check out details at our product page.

Product launch: 'Puppeteers Cloud Modeling'

Puppeteers has launched a new service product which allows you to gain control of your Cloud resources by having them imported to Terraform. This allows you to manage changes to your Cloud and radically reduces the need for the pesky "who changes this and why?", "who set this up and is it still needed?" and […]

Puppeteers webinar recording: Infrastructure as Code

Here's a recording on our webinar on March 9, 2021: Infrastructure as Code We covered the very basics of infrastructure as code, version control, quality assurance techniques and tools such as Puppet, Terraform, Ansible and Puppet Bolt. The webinar slides:

We're hiring: DevOps for configuration and identity management

Do you want to work on the front line of IT? Do you want to use the tools and methods of tomorrow, before the masses do? Read on! Puppeteers Oy is a small, growing IT company that focuses on building modern IT infrastructure for organizations. We’ve got a long experience in IT, especially in DevOps […]

Automatic publishing to LinkedIn now in operation

Our company is about infrastructure automation and products built on top of it. That means we really don't want to do manually what a computer can do. Therefore it was not an option to publish our blog posts first in WordPress, then copy-and-paste them to LinkedIn. Rather, let a WordPress plugin configured as a LinkedIn […]

LibreNMS image 1.65-20 released

LibreNMS image version 1.65-20 is now available in the AWS Marketplace. It is a a Cloud image that runs a pre-configured LibreNMS network monitoring system. It is the easiest and fastest way to get started with LibreNMS. Pricing is based on usage: there are no up-front license fees or other costs. This means you can […]

Nagios-plugin-cloudwatch released

We recently wrote a Nagios plugin for getting metrics from AWS Cloudwatch to LibreNMS. As the customer was ok with releasing it as open source here it is. It is written in Ruby - we like the language and we're also Puppet guys, so it felt like a natural choice for us. The plugin allows […]

Email to XMPP bridge "milter-xmpp" released

We have used XMPP (Jabber) for our internal discussions for years. In the recent years it seems that XMPP has lost some of its traction. For example, Google and Facebook used to use XMPP for instant message and Slack used to have an XMPP bridge in their service. All of those are now gone and […]

Finnish language webinar recording: "Building infrastructure as code"

For the Finnish speakers out there here's a recording of our webinar held in co-operation with Turku Business Region on 5th May 2020: Infrastruktuurin rakentaminen koodilla We cover the very basics of infrastructure as code, version control, quality assurance techniques and tools such as Puppet, Terraform, Ansible and Puppet Bolt.