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How software companies can end up in a Cloud hell, and how to fix it

The slippery slope Custom software development services are in high demand today. Organizations are willing to pay considerable amounts of money for development of custom software, be it mobile applications relying on backend services in the Cloud, or tailoring of open source software to better fit their needs. This has provided the impetus for rapid […]

Poor marketing, part #1

As an entrepreneur you are flooded with attempts to persuade you to buy something. Typically what is sold is services like website development, mobile application development or outsourced developer/devops workforce. Most attempts are mediocre, but only a few can be classified as outright bad. As inbound marketing and sales are dear to our heart, in […]

Gitlab SAML to Keycloak Setup

Integrating Keycloak with Gitlab SAML makes it easier to manage users in an organization from a central point. You could manage separate accounts on Gitlab, but for us it makes sense to utilize Keycloak as we are already using it for other applications. The first step is to create a Gitlab SAML client in the […]

Recruiting for a small business - lessons learned, part 1: Tips for recruiters

Throw a job ad on a recruitment portal, wait for applications, hold a couple of interviews and that's it, right? This is what recruiting can look like from the outside but there's quite a bit more to it. A recruitment campaign can be a massive effort especially for small businesses. In addition, if you're doing […]

RIP: Puppeteers Finnish website

Today was a special day. Our Finnish website went to greener pastures after having spent its golden months serving permanent HTTP redirects to our current website while having been taken our of our Terraform codebase. It is customary to speak a few words in occasions like this, so here we go. "Beloved www.puppeteers.fi. You were […]

SEM tips: how to get started easily

Introduction The purpose of this post is to show that search engine marketing (SEM) can be started rather easily. Small businesses, like our company, may not have resources (money, knowledge, time etc) to spend on marketing and consultancy so I'm hoping that sharing this experience will help and encourage other SEM newbies! This blog post […]

I search

The keys on your laptop are the kind of item you don't pay any attention until you lose them. The "O" key came off from my Carbon X1 keyboard a few days ago. I was able to postpone the ultimate solution by a couple of days by just pushing the "O" back. But doing that […]