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Hiera lookups in rspec-puppet

While rspec-puppet documentation is quite decent, it does not really explain how to test classes that get their parameters via Hiera lookups, such as profiles in the roles and profiles pattern. Several parameters related to Hiera are listed in the rspec-puppet configuration reference, but that's all. The other documentation you find on the Internet is […]

Notes about puppet-litmus testing

Puppet Litmus is a Puppet acceptance test harness that leverages on many existing, proven technologies. In the long run Litmus aims to replace Beaker. However, the latter is currently still the only way to run multi-machine (e.g. cluster) acceptance tests in a standardized way. For example we use Beaker for our Keycloak domain mode cluster […]

Limiting the scope of puppet-rspec tests

Some Puppet modules like puppet-module-keycloak have hundreds of unit tests. That is good for test coverage, but waiting for test results hurts your productivity when you're developing tests for your new code. There are at least two ways to (temporarily) limit the scope of the tests that you run. First method is baked in into […]

Debugging rspec-puppet

Usually writing rspec-puppet tests is straightforward. Then you run into some problem that does not make any sense. In my case I ran into a couple of duplicate resource declaration issues when adding rspec tests to our puppetmaster-installer. The error message was not that useful: $ pdk test unit --tests=spec/classes/puppetboard_spec.rb --- snip --- Failures: 1) […]

Puppet rspec testing: understanding describe and context

In the Puppet module rspec testing with PDK blog post I covered the procedure of creating and running puppet-rspec tests with PDK. This blog post will go more in-depth to that topic, in particular describe and context which you see in all puppet-rspec tests. When looking at the puppet-rspec test syntax the first time it […]

Puppet module rspec testing with PDK

If you've searched for instructions on how to write unit tests for Puppet code you've probably stumbled upon tutorials such as this that are of good quality, but suggest installing and using tools such as puppetlabs_rspec_helper directly. Or you may encounter references to rake, bundler, rvm and rspec. Then you start experimenting these tools, some […]