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X11 Connection Rejected

When switching to root after the typical SSH with X11 forwarding enabled this error can appear: The workaround seems to include copying the MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 from the user who ssh'd in to the root user using xauth. Here's how: First verify the $DISPLAY being used and list the MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 used for it : Next switch to […]

Fattening the workflow, part 2: r10k

In the previous post I discussed the control repository structure. In this post I'll talk about r10k. That tool is used for deploying control repository branches into matching Puppet environments on the Puppet server. Installing r10k is very straightforward with the bundled gem: After this you'll need a settings file for r10k, /etc/puppetlabs/r10k/r10k.yaml: Several requirements […]