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Dynamic partitioning in Foreman kickstart templates

Foreman's provisioning system allows creating provisioning templates with highly dynamic content. This article describes how to create dynamic content in your Foreman provisioning templates. While the example is related to dynamic partitioning in kickstart, the basic mechanisms for setting this up applies to any kind of template. Foreman provisioning templates are written in ERB format. […]

Fixing foreman-installer "Forward DNS points to " errors

This posting comes strictly from the land of esoteria. We have a Vagrant + Virtualbox environment that sets up Foreman used for PXE booting baremetal servers. The environment work fine on Linux and MacOS. But we needed to make this environment work also on Windows. Easy, right? Vagrant and Virtualbox are supposed to abstract all […]

Testing Puppet feature branches in Foreman

With default settings Foreman does not allow Puppet Agents to specify their own environment when connecting to the Puppetserver. This makes it impossible to use r10k and feature branch workflow like you can with a normal Puppetserver. This behavior can fortunately be reverted easily by modifying Foreman configuration file, /etc/foreman/settings.yaml: # Allow testing feature branches […]

Reprovisioning bare metal Linux servers with Foreman and IPMI

Recently we had to reprovision a bare metal server that was in Foreman and had IPMI support. The goal was to check if our automated "force-join to FreeIPA domain after reprovisioning" logic worked as intented. We did not have access to any graphical IPMI console, nor Foreman's GUI, so we had to do everything from […]

Määriteltyjen resurssien luonti suoraan Puppet-luokista

Jotkin Puppet ENC:t (External Node Classifier), hyvänä esimerkkinä Foreman, eivät tue määriteltyjen resurssien (Defined Resource Types) käyttöä suoraan, vaan kaikki konfiguraatiot pitää sisällyttää Puppet-luokkiin. Myös Hieran kanssa määritellyt resurssit ovat hieman ongelmallisia, koska ne pitää erikseen luoda create_resources funktiolla. Eräs ratkaisu on määrittää kaikki create_resources -funktiot site.pp-tiedostossa (sovellettu täältä): create_resources('mysqldump::backup',hiera('mysqldump_backups', {})) Tämän lähestymistavan ongelma on […]