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Making per-link DNS servers added by Wireguard to systemd-resolved survive NetworkManager connection changes

Update: the problem described in this article seems to be resolved in Fedora 36 (NetworkManager 1.38.0-2.fc36). It is still present in Fedora 35 (NetworkManager 1.32.12-2.fc35). The title of this blog post may seem familiar to some, as I solved this problem for OpenVPN earlier. I won't repeat myself here, so please check the OpenVPN article […]

Manage Linux client DNS settings in OpenVPN and Wireguard

OpenVPN and Wireguard are both used to provide secure, remote access to an organization's internal services such as network shares (NFS and Samba), desktops and servers (SSH and RDP) or web services. Linux is generally a first-class citizen as far as clients are concerned but with one exception: accessing DNS through the VPN tunnel. OpenVPN […]