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Making modals responsive in Oxygen Builder for WordPress

I always thought that it would be impossible for me to make convincing looking websites. But I did learn it and enjoy it very much. But as soon as I’m ready with a new, beautiful web page on my screen, my joy is cut short by the fact that I still need to make it […]

Making work with Zimbra calendars

Scheduling meetings with email is annoying. When everyone is on the same timezone that kind of works, but tends to be slow. When you factor in timezone differences the process becomes really error-prone and slows down even more, often to several days. For this reason we wanted to provide people - including our customers - […]

How to Setup a Staging WordPress Server

Having a staging server for WordPress is quite useful for testing new features without the worry of breaking something in production. It is also helpful when you have a multi user environment and need to test something that could impact others. In this article it is assumed that your WordPress instance has SELinux enabled as […]

Automatic publishing to LinkedIn now in operation

Our company is about infrastructure automation and products built on top of it. That means we really don't want to do manually what a computer can do. Therefore it was not an option to publish our blog posts first in WordPress, then copy-and-paste them to LinkedIn. Rather, let a WordPress plugin configured as a LinkedIn […]

Enabling PHP 7.4 on CentOS 7 with Puppet

The PHP version comes in default CentOS 7 repositories is rather horribly outdated. This is problematic when running WordPress, which has to be upgraded constantly, and really old PHP versions may not be accepted, security-patched or not. The solution is to get updated PHP from the remi yum repositories. There are two sets of PHP […]