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Windows domain in Azure

I wrote this article to better understand all the pieces called "AD" or "Active Directory" in Microsoft Azure fit together. The pieces are as follows: Active Directory (AD): The is the classic on-premise Active Directory with LDAP, Kerberos, group policies and all that. Traditionally Windows machines in larger environments have been domain-joined to on-premise AD. […]

Managing OpenVPN-based Azure VPN Gateway certificates with easyrsa3

The Azure VPN Gateway supports the OpenVPN protocol (except the "Basic SKU"). Unlike, for example, the commercial Access Server, the VPN Gateway does not have a built-in certificate authority (CA) tool for managing client certificates. And client certificates are essentially a requirement if you need to support clients other than Windows and Mac, such as […]

Terraform Azure resource provider registration fails

Terraform has good support for Microsoft Azure through the Terraform Azure provider and the AzureRM backend. However, you may hit a glitch when adding or importing resources if you lack permissions to register Azure resource providers: At first glance this error look cryptic, but it is quite clear once you understand what Azure resource providers […]

OpenVPN server options in Azure

OpenVPN is among the best VPN solutions, especially when you need a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS) solution that just works. It is best suited for point to site (P2S) or "road warrior" setups where users access internal resources using a VPN client when on the road. When setting up OpenVPN server in Azure […]

Delegating external parties access to Azure

In Microsoft Azure you can grant an external user ("contractor") guest access to your Azure subscription. The approach is quite different from what AWS uses (see Delegating external parties access to AWS). Here we grant access to using the Azure Portal. Preferably would already exist as a Microsoft account. Login to your Azure […]

Cutting down Azure storage costs for a Marketplace seller

A few days ago I looked at our Azure costs and they were around $8. That's a ridiculously small amount, except for the fact that we don't really use Azure for anything. So I started investigating. After having published the Configuration Manager (Puppet master installer image) and LibreNMS in Azure Marketplace I knew that we […]

AWS to Azure resource translation table

We use Terraform for managing our Cloud infrastructure. Our customers typically use AWS and that's what we're most familiar with. Each public Cloud has its own terminology, so this page is a translation table between Terraform resource names in the AWS and Azure providers: AWS Azure aws_instance azurerm_linux_virtual_machine aws_network_interface azurerm_network_interface aws_security_group azurerm_network_security_group aws_security_group_rule azurerm_network_security_rule aws_vpc […]